Hello 2020!

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Well it has been a while since I checked into this space, so a quick “Hello” is in order. 2019 kept me a bit busy and I had to let a few things go to the wayside – this blog was definitely one of those things!

I hope to have a bit more time to write and reflect in 2020… so I will start with a quick recap of a few highlights from 2019…

Fostering Community started the year with a bang as we received the CLCF Impact Award that allowed us to expand a few of our projects to all the parishes in our region. This roll out of projects took about 12 months to complete and introduced us to many kind wonderful people working hard for the children of Louisiana. Join, Support or Start a Non-Profit and you will be rewarded exponentially!

Marlowe Home Design continues work on a few amazing projects that wish to be kept private. In the age of social media and oversharing, I respect the wishes of my clients for privacy, but I so wish I could share more with you! Designing spaces is my passion and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity!

Family thrived in 2019 with my girls starting a new school, swimming in the state swim meet, and working so hard to achieve academic honors. Football games, LSU, swim meets, tennis tournaments and travel – these girls keep us busy and fill us with so much love and pride – they are amazing!

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Here’s looking at you, 2020 – Happy New Year!


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