Be the Boss

As the new year begins, I am evaluating my dreams and goals for 2018. I believe in setting goals and dreaming Big Dreams everyday to be my best self.

“Be the Boss” is my theme thus far, but not as you might imagine. Yes, I am technically the Boss at my offices and home, but I prefer to think we are all part of a team working together and I am the leader. I mean, Be the Boss of your own life, your goals and dreams, and make it happen! Be the Boss in deciding what to do each day and how to do it! Make the list of goals and set out to accomplish it! Take Charge of this thing we call Life!

Wow, with that said, prepare for road blocks, changes and shifts in direction. As I worked on my tidy list of goals for 2018, I was reminded that we are not always in control. An old goal, from a few years back that seemed like an impossibility, resurfaced in the shape of an opportunity.

In late January, A friend called about setting up a meeting to organize the non-profit we had discussed. This precious friend and I were carefully brought together through a random Facebook thread that I stumbled upon one Sunday afternoon. How I found her comment to a comment was divine intervention! She needed a space to realize a dream, and I knew of a space she might be able to occupy, and so the story began. The dream was a Foster Care Closet to supply foster families with necessities for new placements, but the reality is so much more! Through the closet, I became more involved with the foster care system and families, thus seeing the many needs of these children. The dreaming and planning of programs to help foster families began.

I am happy to announce the official start of Fostering Community, an official 501c3 nonprofit to support the foster care community in Central Louisiana and beyond – we are dreamers!! My heart is so full of joy and excitement that I had to share the news with you!

So, take that leap, make the change, do that thing…Be the Boss and live the life you dream. But be prepared, something even better than you planned may be ahead! MHD

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