Haint Blue

Haint Blue paint is a Southern tradition that is welcome on every porch. Not limited to the South, this color appears on the porch ceilings of many homes, old and new. Legend has it that the watery blue color would keep the Spirits or Haints away because the Spirits would not cross water. The blue color represented water, thus keeping the Spirits away. 

Ghost stories are quite common in the South and passed through the generations as family stories. My grandmother told many stories of her ghostly encounters, and she was quite fond of her visitors!  As a child, she taught me that ghosts were usually friendly and not to be feared. Not all would agree!  Hence the common use of Haint Blue Paint!

This blue hue can vary from a calm watery blue to a turquoise shade depending on the region.  In our area, the tradition is more watery or sky blue, which brings up another benefit of this color for porch ceilings, birds and bugs will not nest in this area because they interpret the blue paint color as the sky. What an added benefit!  

I am loving this porch from Pinterest – copper lantern, swinging daybed and haint blue ceiling!

With all those benefits, how can you resist Haint Blue! We are currently picking our favorite Haint Blue colors for a couple projects with great Southern porches and the winner is Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams cut by 50% to achieve a bit more washed look like the porch featured in the photo from above. I am planning porch details and dreaming of warmer days sipping iced tea and swinging on my porch….

Happy New Year! MHD

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