Work FUN!

After too much time spent sitting at my desk, I have decided workspaces should be more FUN!  So, if you call, you may hear my pandora songs in the background, but what you can’t see are the fun accessories on my desk!  Poppin, Pantone and Pandora are the three P’s making my space more fun!  

I love sipping my coffee and tea out of this pink rubber accented china cup from Pantone. The cup is deceiving in that it looks small but fits an entire cup of coffee – perfectly sized!  The rainbow of mugs is another fun option!  Poppin pens are my favorites!  I love the rainbow of colors, but find myself drawn to the fuschia colored pens. I will pass along a tip to my fellow female designers – the hot pink pen is the only pen I manage to keep through jobsite visits – the contractors will always ask “whose pink pen is this?” – Amazing!

Embrace the day – and the work – with bright accessories, music and Fun! Enjoy! MHD

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