The Art of the Frame

To Frame or not to frame? That is the question today.  Paintings on a stretched gallery wrap canvas have the flexibility of being placed with or without a frame. The subject matter is often the guide when choosing the frame. Some abstract paintings benefit from a simple floater frame to stop the abstraction while others look best without the frame. 

In other cases, works on paper benefit from framing, and the framing options are endless. Acrylic floaters, wood floaters, wood frame with a mat, etc. are all great options.  In the inspiration board below, many of the pieces of art are secondary to the actual frame and framing technique.  

These images of framing options were pulled from Pinterest images and include Kit Kemp designs as well as many others. I chose these examples for the exploration of framing and installation options. The dog silhouettes on paper are rather simple in nature yet very interesting as a grouping using the floating mounting technique to add interest. In the black and white painted frame examples, the frame itself becomes a graphic work of art drawing the eye to the frame and away from the subject matter. Bold colored frames are a great way to add interest to a space with a neutral color scheme. Framing vintage textiles is also a nice option to display keepsakes. The square format of these textiles add visual interest to the corner pictured above.

Do you have a favorite framing style or source?  If so, please share your pictures and sources in the comments section. Check back for more discoveries with framing paper pieces as I explore custom framing and retail options.  MHD

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