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There are points in a project when I need to revisit the drawing board to move the project forward. Today is one of those days. When my “to do” list is overwhelming my creativity, I like to pause and revisit the beginning…


I use an app called Morpholio to create inspiration boards for each project. This allows me to organize ideas and thoughts in a simple white board format to use and present to clients. This particular project is inspired by colors and textures used by Kit Kemp, an amazing English designer.


Here is another example of the inspiration for the Break Room. This is the first iteration of the inspiration board, I will edit and add new selections as the design progresses and the board becomes a visual account of the process. More of Kit Kemp’s work and others is present in this collection.

…What I find ironic about this project is that we started with all of this color and the project has evolved into a neutral backdrop with graphic art in black, grey and whites with a pop of color.  Inspirations are not intended to be copied literally but to inspire creativity and design.

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